Teak Patio Furniture

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Teak wood is one of those rare décor materials that has stood the test of time. Never having officially boarded the ebbing and flowing rollercoaster of outdoor design trends, teak remained in its own league thanks to two core traits – functionality and style. 

What is Teak? 

 The popular furniture material claims its roots in the Tectona Grandis, a hugely imposing hardwood tree native to southeast Asia. From this tree’s evolutionary adaption to the unpredictable weather of its native environs, its wood owes a dense, close-grained constitution.  But what really seals the deal on teak as the ideal outdoor material is a high natural oil content paired with robust rubber.  


Why is Teak the Best Choice for Patio Furniture? 

 Teak can withstand many of Mother Nature’s extreme highs and lows without cracking or warping. The elasticity and flexibility of rubber, paired with the natural lubricating effect of oil, make teak impervious to temperature extremes. All the while, the low porosity profile locks out rain, snow, frost, etc.  


The result? 

Teak is an all-seasons and all-weather material that’s water and rot-resistant. Hence, you’ll often find it used on boat decks and shower furniture, and of course – patios. 

As essentially one of the most low-maintenance woods on the market, teak makes for a smart investment. Whatever extra you pay for it, you’ll always make back in the decades of durability and style permanence ahead.  The best part? Teak lends itself to various styles, so if you start with Teak patio furniture, you can never go wrong, and there’s always room for more.  


So, where can you get your hands on this highly sought-after tropical hardwood? 

Here at Enhancing Your Habitat, we offer a collection of premium teak patio furniture. And among their ranks, there’s one that stands out as not only a customer-favorite and best-seller but also as the perfect all-around furniture set that performs as a base to build on.  

Introducing our 4 Piece Teak Outdoor Patio Set 


Comprising a spacious two-seater sofa, two patio chairs, and a coffee table, this set is the makings of any comprehensive teak patio. Unmistakeably and tropically teak, this set looks good in any weather, offering a somewhat mid-century meets Scandinavian appeal. Ultimately, it’s a fresh look with substance, a given of hardwood sourced from South Asia. 


Going further, the sofa and chairs’ frames are solid, offering invaluable, reliable support that’s only enhanced by the soft fabric cushions, ideal for falling into after a long day. Subtly angled armrests are a testament to the ergonomic design of this teak outdoor patio. Likewise, this textured, rounded aspect helps the set blend seamlessly into any outdoor backdrop. 


And last but by no means least, gather around the stain-proof, sturdy, and sleek teak table that supports coffee mugs, books, glasses, plates, and whatever else you need to lounge outdoors or celebrate with friends and family.   


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