The versatile garden stool

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The garden stool is such a versatile piece.  Indoors or outdoors....table, seat.  Use it to add color, texture, design.

Take a look at some of our ideas

The wonderful garden stool.  So many styles available now.  Colors, shapes, sizes etc.  The uses?  So many, tables, seats accent pieces.

They can make the room or be so subtle you may not notice them.

Vibrant colors and great shapes.

Use as a side, accent table and a color WOW - Bang!  Funky shape helps too!

Garden stools are a great idea for bathroom decor.  Heavier, water resistant.  You won't have to worry
about them sliding or wasting away from the moisture in the room.  They can add the pop of color
or tranquility to the room.  The ceramic pieces compliment the ceramic or stone most bathrooms
already use on the sinks, countertops, floor, shower etc.

Texture can be added.  Today you can find so many designs and different styles. A room 
can change its feel by simple and subtle pieces AND uses of these pieces.

The vibrant colors along with the color process can change the feel of a room.  Muted paint,
Crackled paint, Bright , faded, designed, aged or distressed.  

The Shape..round, angled, zig zag, columned or striped.  Any style seems to be available.

This is a photo of the 1 Hotel in South Beach Miami Florida.  They used our Garden Stool for their
rooftop bar area.  They have muted tones.  Whites tans and light woods and then accent the pieces
with these bright blue Garden Stools that customers uses as tables or stools!  AWESOME!

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