How to gear up for Industrial looking decor

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Suggestions on great pieces and ideas to help transform to the Industrial look you want.

Industrial style is perfect for any interior. From Livng room, Dining room, offices, bedrooms...All you need for this style to work is to add some pieces that suggest an industrial past such as worn metal or wood.  Cement or stone. Distressed leather.  Anything using a nut or bolt in its design ( or a cog wheel) Something rusted or slightly rusted looking.  A piece that looks half panted or even half finished.  Something you would find in a maching shop.


Any piece of furniture on wheels seems to work well for this category.  Also if it uses a pulley of any kind (see lamp below) Great Industrial feel!
If you find a piece with metal baskets for drawers a great plus.


It looks great if the furniture or accessory you want to use mixes metal & worn looking wood, Leather & metal, worn canvas & wood or metal
Creates a worn comfortable feel with inviting tones.


If its chipped paint or dented.  If it's worn looking, rusted old looking.  If it looks like it used to be used for something else and maybe you decided to use it as a piece of furniture or center piece bowl instead?   All the better.  A few simple pieces can get you on your way.

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