Woodn’t You Know It! Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is Back In Style

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Did you know wood is back in style? That’s right, in an era of hustle, bustle, and all things digital – we’re itching to get back to our natural roots. Wood is the interior designer’s best friend. It creates warmth when needed and doesn’t detract from a minimalistic aura. Moreover, coming directly from the tree, every piece is unique, injecting a personal, inimitable touch. So, in reality, it never really went out of style to begin with; the timeless piece is just trending now




Won’t somebody think of the forests?


Truth is, we already have. No trees are harmed in the making of our furniture. Our policy is that reclaimed wood is just as good, if not better than first-time wood. If not for the seasoned, hardened affect, for the feel-good, tree-hugging implications.


How does wood fit into the modern home?


Quite well, actually. While “natural wood finish” was the interior designer buzzword of 2020, it seems we’re entering into an era of wooden pick-and-mix. As of now, any wood goes. From contemporary silhouettes to more traditional moldings and covering the whole range of shades – as long as it’s wood – it’s good enough. 


However, perhaps the most interesting advancement is that wood is now an acceptable feature in any room of the modern home. Expect to see more stained or glossed wood used in kitchen countertops or even find it in the bathroom.


Really though, the term on the tip of every interior designer’s tongue is “rustic vogue.” 


Rustic Vogue 


If you’re wondering what rustic vogue might look like, look no further than this reclaimed pine driftwood table. This versatile piece wouldn’t look out of place in a provincial French chalet; it also would look right at home in a luxury New York apartment. It’s simple, stylish, and doesn’t give away its purpose at first glance – it’s rustic vogue. If you’d like to dedicate to the look, here’s the perfect pinewood coffee table counterpart.


A modern twist 


Home furniture fusions are expected to see a boost in popularity throughout 2021. This décor idea is perfect for those who like the modern look and the comfort of the past in equal measures. This reclaimed wood & steel sideboard incorporates the rich, heavy presence of wood with stainless steel’s effortless sleekness. The mix is perfect for bedrooms or living rooms where the substantial sideboard could be the ideal comfy asset.


However, since the “big furniture” look isn’t for everyone, the wood-metal fusion can also be seen in more discrete, charming pieces such as this reclaimed pine starburst iron band accent table. This table has undertones of the roaring 20s with overtones of easy-breezy, sunny days and light rooms. Such a natural and synthetic mix would be enhanced by a drooping plant to add a pop of color to a woody-toned room.


Final word


Don’t fear wood. Many still think opting for wood is a dangerous bet. That bet being that they’ll have to dedicate to the wood aesthetic. Fortunately for you, wood is no longer as big of a commitment as it used to be, nor is it bad for our planet’s forests. Reclaimed wood helps us to take back wooden furniture and experiment with it in our home’s décor. So, why not indulge in the mix & match wood trend and let your imagination go wild!

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