Using the Color Blue in Your Bedroom

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Discover how blue is truly one the more soothing colors and therefore PERFECT for the bedroom.

The color blue is truly one the more soothing colors and therefore PERFECT for the bedroom. From pale blue to deep navy there's sure to be a shade that gives you the warm and fuzzies.

This aqua blue comforter makes a great feeling room.  Soft, quiet, feeling of serenity.  A peaceful retreat. Go to bedding:

A deep shade doesn't have to mean a dark shade.  Try putting a pale blue with a soft brown or grey to create a relaxing tone.
In this bedding ensemble there is a beautiful combination of soft blue, taupe and and a hint of platinum. Go to bedding:

Navy blue or indigo paired with a crisp white can create a beautiful contrast. Sometimes it can be more warming than a black and white combination.
Don't forget that any color you can add to black and white can typically be used with a navy blue and white teaming. Go to bedding:

Don't forget the ACCESSORIES!  Adding blue to the walls is a great alternative.  Add some blue accent tables to the sides of the bed or next to a chair with a sitting area.  This warm velvet -ty comfortable blue chair with nail head accent will add a look of sophistication.  A vase or urn on a side table or dresser can be a great piece to repeat color.  

All of these items and more can be found in our store!   Find what you're looking for!  Be creative and have fun!!  

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