The Ever-Stylish Round Table

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When our ancestors invented the wheel, they probably never envisioned we’d use its likeness as a table. In fact, they probably weren’t familiar with the concept of a table. But still, they ate together, often around a fire – in a circle.


So, why have we strayed so far from this intuitive eating arrangement? Why do we subject ourselves to eat with edges between us when we could opt for the much more diplomatic, rounder approach?

Introducing The Round Dining Table


It appears many stylists and interior decorators have been asking themselves the exact same questions. You heard it here first – round tables are in. And yes, while they certainly have a timeless appeal, they’re now also trendy.


And why wouldn’t they be? Their soft edges have a knack for adding a gentle vibe to every room. They elegantly blunt the harshness of other furniture pieces, making for a classy and regal look that wouldn’t look amiss in a palace.


Moreover, despite the stately appeal of round wooden tables, they have the effect of opening up a room, freeing space, and saying “welcome home.”


Mid Century Modern Round Dining Table


However, as with most décor these days, we like to put a modern twist on all things classic. The round table is no exception. Just take a look at our Mid Century Round Dining Table. Naturally, your eyes are first drawn to the rich Walnut top. It’s sleek, slim, and delightfully warm with a modern matte finish. You might go as far as to call it ‘modelesque.’ Following on, you can’t help but take notice of the White Column Base that adds some fortitude and substance to the table’s airy top. Together, they work towards a sophisticated yet delightfully charming, old-world look.


Here & Now – Brass Geometric Dining Table


Since our modern world is essentially structured on mathematics and science, it only makes sense that it’d pioneer our ultra-modern and futuristic décor trends. That’s precisely how geometric furniture found its way into our homes by the delivery truck full. However, even the biggest begrudger of maths could appreciate that striking straight lines paired with symmetry and sharp edges make for breath-taking décor. Contrast that sharpness with the softness of a circle, and you have yourself the wonderful Brass Geometric Dining Table.


This edgy round table is perfect for those minimalistic rooms that simply need a touch of classic-modern.


Middle Ages – Carved Wood Round Table


However, sometimes authenticity is best. Harkening back to the times of gaping dining halls with the lord and lady at the top table is this Carved Wood Round Table. Fortunately, you’ll notice a distinct lack of ale jug marks upon its handcrafted copper top. On the contrary, it’s deftly hammered with expertise to create a unique dimpled surface. Subsequently, the copper is fired for a uniquely warm, reddish, and patina finish. Casting your eyes downwards, you’ll be treated to the sight of an intricately beautiful hand-carved wooden pedestal carved from fine pine and painted to suit your needs. 


Final Word


As you can see, we’ve taken a tour through history using nothing but round tables. From the middle ages to the mid-century and all the way to the present-day – round tables are the timeless piece.

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