What a Pouf can do for you!

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A pouf can add many different elements to your room.  Color, texture, extra seating, a side table, a conversation piece, a comfortable way to lay on the floor!  So many options, styles, materials, colors. Your possibilities are endless.



This hair on hide pouf is an example of a piece that can not only add style but can be used as an extra seat or accent table

These days you can add a piece like this to just about any type of decor and it will fit in.


Use this beautiful deep blue velvet large round pouf as a big foot stool - ottoman
This one will add a pow of color.

These square indoor/outdoor poufs can be just the color burst your outdoor area needs.
They are inexpensive enough to change up color schemes when the mood hits. 
Made from recycled polypropylene and other materials suited for outdoors, these cubes are weather and mildew resistant.
Sturdy enough to balance food and drinks, they can also double as seating for your guests.

How about this Blue Shaggy Pouf...
It is made from recycled jeans.  It is a fact that jeans go with everything so now you can add your Shaggy Jeans Pouf to ANY room!

Just some ideas, 

Be sure to check back often.  More items are added to our Pouf collection all the time.
You're sure to find the one that fits the very uniqueness of you and your "habitat".


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