The Quatrefoil - What is it and how it is used in our designing

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What is a Quatrefoil?  You've probably seen the design before but maybe didn't know its name.  It is possibly one of the most popular geometric designs used today.
Take a look at some of our pieces in our store that incorporate this beautiful and versatile shape.

The Quatrefoil - means "four leaves" in latin. It is a shape composed of four equal lobes or four equally overlapping circles with the same diameters.  
Sometimes a square is combined with the four circles for a more complicated barbed shape.

You can see in these two the quatrefoil design is seen on the sides of the nesting tables.  The side table uses the quatrefoil with the square insertion as the tables top.
Both of these glossy white pieces lets the quatrefoil design add sophistication.

The Quarefoil design inspired by the Baroque cathedrals of the 17th century in Europe can easily become a focal point of the room.
You can see the above pieces all incorporate the design in some way.  There is a definite elegance to the shape.

Elegance yes, but as you can see above when you put the quatrefoil with color it most certainly draws attention.  And with the color some casual aspects as well.
The mirror is a beautiful example of new, sophistication and hip all at the same time.  Add the chair or these vases in any room and they won't be ignored.
There is more and adding new items everyday.  Check out the Quatrefoils in our store today! HERE

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