Is a Sideboard what you need?

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Sideboards are more versatile than ever before.  They can be used in many rooms for many different purposes.  They can hold a room together with the size and choice of style and wood (or metal).  Don't be afraid to experiment and use a sideboard instead of a dresser or bedroom chest. 

Take a look at some popular styles.....

Because they're both used to store household items, such as table linens, dining accessories, and china, today, buffet and sideboard tables are used interchangeably. The main difference between them is where they are used in the home. 

  • It's typically called a Sideboard when it's placed in the living room
  • It's called a Buffet when it's used in the dining room
  • Although this type of furniture is typically associated with the living room or dining room, a sideboard can be a lovely and functional piece used in the bedroom, foyer or even a game room

Here are some popular styles of sideboard cabinets:


A more formal style, an ornate and elaborate design will create an elegant look for your home. Common features include hand-carved details,



Clean-lined and minimalistic, this style is sure to make a statement in your living space. You can find modern designs in an array of finishes, such as bold vibrant yellow, white lacquered, mirrored, and rich mahogany wood.


Can be finished in a natural hue or crafted from natural materials, a rustic style sideboard features distressed or weathered wood. Also, the metal industrial look. Locker feel can be different metal finished such as steel, aluminum, rusted metal look.   This sort of sideboard adds another layer of texture to the interior space, whatever your taste.




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