The Ever-Stylish Round Table

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When our ancestors invented the wheel, they probably never envisioned we’d use its likeness as a table. In fact, they probably weren’t familiar with the concept of a table. But still, they ate together, often around a fire – in a circle.


So, why have we strayed so far from this intuitive eating arrangement? Why do we subject ourselves to eat with edges between us when we could opt for the much more diplomatic, rounder approach?

Woodn’t You Know It! Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is Back In Style

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Did you know wood is back in style? That’s right, in an era of hustle, bustle, and all things digital – we’re itching to get back to our natural roots. Wood is the interior designer’s best friend. It creates warmth when needed and doesn’t detract from a minimalistic aura. Moreover, coming directly from the tree, every piece is unique, injecting a personal, inimitable touch. So, in reality, it never really went out of style to begin with; the timeless piece is just trending now




Pretty in Pink: The Return of Hollywood Golden-Age Furniture

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The Golden Age of Hollywood is often associated with glamour and style. 

This isn’t without good reason. Not only was it a new era of material excess, with golds and pastels galore, but also it was a time when modern interpretations of classic motifs were all the rage. 

That impulse is coming back and not a moment too soon as we share with you some of our favorite furniture that not only evokes the glory days of Marilyn Monroe and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” but is also current and modish in its sensibilities. And no color better represents this trend than pink. 

A hue often associated with femininity, innocence, style, and glamour, we’ve selected a few pink furniture pieces that we think will introduce those classic elements of style into your home. 


That’s So Vintage!

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That’s So Vintage!


This past year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride and a scary one at that. We’ve spent time at home now, more than ever. To ensure that the days spent in your abode not only calm you down but are also a pleasant sight for sore eyes, here are a few pieces from our Vintage Collection.

These rustic pieces of furniture will make you travel back in time and relive memories. Every item is made of reclaimed wood. So each piece will leave you wondering about the story engraved between the wooden lines!


Blue Finish Farmhouse Wood Coffee Table

Find me here.


Add Some Bling To Your Interior!

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2020 has been the year where you constantly stayed home. It went from being your haven to becoming a chaotic workplace. Without sugarcoating any facts, it will remain this way for a significant amount of time. So, why not revamp your ‘scenery’ a little bit?

Modern Style Décor to Consider for Your Home

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Modern Style Décor to Consider for Your Home

Modern décor refers to a style that was more common in the 1950s and 1960s, which employed a sense of simplicity as opposed to contemporary design which more of now and future-focused. Modern style/ décor is often described as sleek and having pieces that flow together instead of having pieces that are clashing with each other. Modern style or décor is often associated with having a few pieces that fit and those that the homeowner would use on a day to day bases instead of having things that take up a lot of space and are rarely used, so they end up collecting dust