Reclaimed Driftwood Furniture: Bringing a Piece of Nature into Your Home.

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Do you want to bring a touch of nature into your home? Look no further than reclaimed driftwood furniture! This unique type of furniture is sustainable and adds a beautiful rustic touch to any room.

Black & Brass Accent Side Tables

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Black & Brass Accent Side Tables 



Accent tables are the quintessential modern décor piece. Often at odds with the overall theme of a home, accent tables are charged with elevating or toning down. To do this, they employ beauty and uniqueness in an often compact body that fits in while standing out.  


At Enhancing Your Habitat, we know that finding the right accent table for your home is a matter of utmost importance. The choosing process must be done with harmony in mind, intending not to overwhelm your home’s décor but rather bring everything together.  


To make things a little easier, we offer our range of luxury accent tables to you.



Cute, Chic, Nautical-themed Barrel Ottoman Excellence

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The much-loved Barrel Ottoman was introduced to Europe in the late 18th century from Turkey. Since then, it’s conquered the entire world, finding its way into cafes, living rooms, waiting rooms, and anywhere a close-to-the-ground, multi-purpose, and casually stylish piece of furniture is welcome (read: everywhere.) 

Your Guide to Rectangle Coffee Tables

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Your Guide to Rectangle Coffee Tables 


Coffee tables are the modern-day hearth of the home. They form the centerpiece of our living rooms, offer support to our many possessions, guide our décor, and provide a surface for us to perch our coffee cups or set our feet upon after a long day. In their honor, we’ve carved them into multiple styles spanning many varied textures, shapes, and sizes, among which you’ll find the names Storage Coffee Table, Round Coffee Table, Marble Coffee Table, Mid Century Coffee Table, and so forth. 


However, there’s one coffee table style that takes centerstage among these centerpieces: The Rectangle Coffee Table. 

Your Guide to Ottoman Coffee Tables

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Ah, ottomans. They’re cute, functional, and make your space feel cozy and complete. No, we’re not talking about the civilization – who has time for history when furniture royalty is afoot? We do, apparently …  

Why the Classic Brown Leather Sofa Is Everyone’s Favorite

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A trusty pair of jeans is like a brown leather sofa. Both never go out of style and are ultra comfortable.


And just like denim, a brown leather sofa is durable and easy to clean. Plus, many designers often rely on brown leather sofas to create stellar homes. But why exactly is the classic brown leather sofa everyone’s favorite? 


If this question lives in your mind rent-free, we got you covered.