Fall & Black Rattan Excellence: A Match Made in Interior Design Heaven?

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What is it about Rattan furniture that keeps us coming back for more? Is it the time-honored weaving technique that’s been passed from generation to generation? Or, could it be the country chic and modern minimalism blend that ensures a timeless appeal? 

Rattan isn’t just for a season  


Our Best Bet: They can be dressed up and down and taken all around, allowing people to think outside the box and invoke their creative spirit. Think of the antithesis to the traditional seasonal piece. A quick change of pillows, throws, or even a move into another room can reinvent your Rattan game. So, while we’d usually say you’re guaranteed to be on-trend, really, Rattan ensures it’s always on trend by working with them. It’s the ultimate blank canvas. Inoffensive. Happy in its own skin. Rattan is Rattan, and we love it all the more for that fact. 


But since it’s Fall, why not focus on Rattan Fall favorites? 


Personally, we think our black wood Rattan line-up best captures the cozy, more stark lines of Fall perfectly. Standing alone, as a beautiful family, they have all the trappings of metropolitan chic, paired with a softening Rattan edge, managing to bring out the rarely seen, fresher side of black. In other words – Fall favorites. 


Meet the Black Wood Rattan Cane family:  


First, we’ll start with the Black & White Backless Counter Stool, which comes in a classic and white wooden frame. While these sturdy stools would look fabulous anywhere, they certainly have that sunny Mediterranean edge that can bring sunshine to the colder months. 


Next, we’ll move onto the blocky Black Wood Rattan Night Stand that effortlessly frames any bed to perfection with its cane accent and Minimalist silhouettes/brass detailing.  

 And, since it’s designed to keep your relaxing abode at peace, its soft-close drawers never make a peep. But if you peep inside, you’ll find ample storage space for all your bedside needs. 


Usually sitting nearby our lovely Rattan Night Stand is its equally impressive family member – the Black Wood Rattan Sideboard. This substantial yet minimalistic piece is perfect for “filling” a room without making it feel claustrophobic. Up top, there’s plenty of space for fall decorations, stylishly stacked books, platters, and house plants of your choice. 


Would it be rude to call our Black Rattan Desk one of our most beautiful pieces? Its sleek legs prop up its slender, minimalistic body with deceptively spacious drawers, flanked by a larger Rattan accent cupboard. 


And finally, melt into our Black Frame Natural Rattan Chair on those blustery fall evenings. Styled with a comfortable, smooth white cushion, ideal as a blank canvas for all your pillowy and throw desires! 


Fall colors love Rattan furniture as much as we do 


Is there anything that’s more festively Fall than the classic black-orange color match? Or if you’d rather bring the interior heat against the exterior cold – red and black.  


Another frightfully delightful trait of Rattan - you can choose any shade from the above color families. They just work!  


And, if you’re a fan of color pop and statement shades, you’re in luck. This year, yellow and pink are taking the join-mantle as Fall’s must-have zany interior design colors. But really, we think the winner is a sophisticated and “educated” navy that brings out the “business” in black. 


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