That’s So Vintage!

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That’s So Vintage!


This past year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride and a scary one at that. We’ve spent time at home now, more than ever. To ensure that the days spent in your abode not only calm you down but are also a pleasant sight for sore eyes, here are a few pieces from our Vintage Collection.

These rustic pieces of furniture will make you travel back in time and relive memories. Every item is made of reclaimed wood. So each piece will leave you wondering about the story engraved between the wooden lines!


Blue Finish Farmhouse Wood Coffee Table

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This wooden coffee table commands attention in the most subtle ways. It has a royal blue finish. To add to the antique look, we gave the piece a highly distressed finish. With this piece, you don’t get lost in the intricacies; instead, you’re left in awe of its entirety. 


It is an 80” W x 37” D x 19” H coffee table. A set of bright white or cream planter pots would add to the beauty of the table. The green from the plants would go well with the antique blue and create a cohesive look. You could place this furniture in the middle of your living room to help gravitate attention, break the monotony and create a soothing yet artistic theme.


In an alternate universe, you could also place this in a spacious balcony or on the sand outside your beach-house and showcase your surfing board on it! This would build on the nautical, seaside vibe that the table elicits.



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This armchair is proof that it’s possible to be modern, and sophisticated, and antique at the same time. It balances the art of modernity and vintages perfectly and leaves you wondering how that is possible!


The traditional piece would be a good addition to your dinner table. The frame of the chair is hand to perfection. It is made of birch hardwood to bring quality and strength. The upholstery is a 1005 polyester. The nailheads that show on the surface add a unique touch.


The reclaimed wood armchair is stuffed with high-density foam that gives maximum comfort. The measurements of this piece are 28.5” W x  27” D x 40.5” H.



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This wood and metal sideboard is functional as a storage unit as well as a display piece. It has a double-door cabinet and four shelves. The cabinet and shelves are made from reclaimed wood, and the frame of the sideboard is metal.

The doors of the cabinet have a rustic finish and two vertical door-handles. The used in this homely piece is elm and mid burnt oak. At first glance, one would see this as a fit for the kitchen. However, this could be placed anywhere and work like a charm to increase storage. 


The Eclectic Reclaimed Wood and Metal Sideboard could be installed at an elevation too. Your chinaware, displayed on its shelves in the dining room, would look worth a million dollars! You could also surprise your kids with more room for their novels and textbooks with the piece.


This furniture is 71” L x 18” D x 33” H in dimension. 



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This looks like a piece of furniture from an abandoned palace in an 80’s movie, doesn’t it? It’s one of our favorites too! 


It’s light blue, and that evidently adds to the vintage aesthetic that we love. It has two big, double-door cabinets. Each of the cabinets has fixed shelves. Dividing the two cabinets is a vertical line of three drawers. It is installed with ring-pulls instead of handles.


This exquisite piece would adorn your dining room the best. It is generously spacious. You don’t have to choose between functionality and attractiveness with this one. You get both! This Light Blue Sideboard Cabinet is 77W x 16.5D x 33.5H in dimension.





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This accent table is crafted from reclaimed walnut wood. The top of the round table has an ash-colored veneer. The contrast between the tabletop and the rich black base creates an antique look. The base is carved by hand. This makes the piece appear traditional. 



This elegant piece would be a great way to fill an empty corner of your home. A minimalistic vase would look good on this, and so would a night lamp. In case you do not want to overdo the decor, you could simply use this as a corner table to place your keys, the novel you’re currently reading, and other little things.


The Reclaimed Wood Black Finish Round Accent Table is 22 inches in diameter and 23 inches in height. It is delivered unassembled so that the furniture reaches you in perfect condition. 



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The list would be incomplete without the mention of this beauty. The industrial steel cart on wheels with a reclaimed wood top is a piece that will make visitors stop and take notice. It instantly makes you think of a rustic hotel lobby!


This fancy piece is best suited as a meal cart or a mobile bar. Imagine being served from this piece of furniture! It has four drawers for storage and a rack at the bottom. The top platform of the cart has an antique finish and is distressed. The cart has four cast-iron wheels.


The cart is 63” L x 20” D x 41” H in dimension. It would make your living room look absolutely warm and welcoming. And it could also be a good topic of discussion or conversation starter! 


If you’re reading this, you probably believe that we are influenced heavily by our surroundings. One might think that a large space is the key to a beautiful surrounding. The truth, however, is that what you fill your surroundings with makes it beautiful. 


This timeless collection aims to elevate your habitat and help you create the surrounding you love and desire. 


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