Numbered Wine Glasses Set of 12

Numbered Wine Glasses Set of 12

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Set of 12 ETCHED Numbered Wine Glasses
16oz Cachet Tulip All-Purpose Wine Stemware
These glasses are etched so numbering WON'T come off!!
Dishwasher safe and made in USA!
12 Wine glasses numbered 1-12
IF YOU NEED #13-24 and so on LET US KNOW!!

Each measure: 8.5"Tall (4"stem) 3.25"Dia.
So your guests can keep track of their drink!


Typically ships in about 3 business days

**Take a look at the stemless numbered wine glasses and numbered champagne flutes AND Clarus plastic numbered wine glasses! (below)**

Delivery included in price!

**These items are  made to order so they are not returnable.**

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