Farmhouse Décor: Fashionable Farmhouse Furniture Pieces to Make Your House a Home

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Farmhouse furniture is everything we want our homes to be. It’s warm, approachable, sweet (but not too sweet.) In other words, it’s homey.  


What’s more, is that it’s been around forever. So while the Farmhouse trend we’re familiar with today kicked off around 2015 thanks to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper – it’s really nothing new.  


The truth is, farmhouses rarely change. Sure, they have TVs, Alexa, and Roombas now, but the backdrop is still the same. So, the brick wall accents, oak kitchen cabinets, and farm animal artwork are nothing new.  

Modern-day Vintage Sconces For Classic Décor

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Why do we tend to take indoor lighting for granted? This illuminating décor item is functional, welcoming, and diverse. So, if you’re reading this at night – an appreciative nod towards whatever’s keeping your room lit should do!  


Once upon a time, indoor lighting was the realm of candle lighting, torches, and other such fire-based features. And before long, as is our habit, humans made these light sources aesthetically pleasing.  


How? By inventing … 

Fall & Black Rattan Excellence: A Match Made in Interior Design Heaven?

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What is it about Rattan furniture that keeps us coming back for more? Is it the time-honored weaving technique that’s been passed from generation to generation? Or, could it be the country chic and modern minimalism blend that ensures a timeless appeal? 

It’s October! Time to Get Cozy With The Latest Fall Furniture Trends

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October is a time of renewal, reflection, and celebration. By now, the leaves have achieved their autumnal hues and have fallen to the ground. We notice them crunching under our feet as the cold sets in around us, and we retreat to the comforting warmth of our homes.


Perfect Your Patio With This Magazine-ready Aluminum Set

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Patios are a tough topic for those in the exterior design world. But, as the heart of your garden, they should also be the toast of it. You see, the patio is a stage. Thereupon, you’ll play out all of your family get-togethers, laid-back book-reading evenings, and coffee-sipping mornings. Life happens on patios, and that’s why their components matter. 


So, if you’ve been left pulling your hair out over an outdoor patio set, don’t fret; you’re not losing your mind. You’re just picking the props for your perfect play – the pressure’s on.  

The Wooden Dark Horse of Décor: Making The Most Of The Dark Wood Comeback

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Dark wood hasn’t always gotten the respect and veneration it deserves on the décor scene. As such, in the age of minimalism, the sumptuous dark tones can’t seem to escape their reputation as a destroyer of free, calming space.