It’s October! Time to Get Cozy With The Latest Fall Furniture Trends

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October is a time of renewal, reflection, and celebration. By now, the leaves have achieved their autumnal hues and have fallen to the ground. We notice them crunching under our feet as the cold sets in around us, and we retreat to the comforting warmth of our homes.


Perfect Your Patio With This Magazine-ready Aluminum Set

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Patios are a tough topic for those in the exterior design world. But, as the heart of your garden, they should also be the toast of it. You see, the patio is a stage. Thereupon, you’ll play out all of your family get-togethers, laid-back book-reading evenings, and coffee-sipping mornings. Life happens on patios, and that’s why their components matter. 


So, if you’ve been left pulling your hair out over an outdoor patio set, don’t fret; you’re not losing your mind. You’re just picking the props for your perfect play – the pressure’s on.  

The Wooden Dark Horse of Décor: Making The Most Of The Dark Wood Comeback

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Dark wood hasn’t always gotten the respect and veneration it deserves on the décor scene. As such, in the age of minimalism, the sumptuous dark tones can’t seem to escape their reputation as a destroyer of free, calming space. 

Antique Wicker Chairs: Their History & How They Became The IT Décor Piece of 2021

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Wicker is back and better than ever. Finding its way into numerous interior design magazines worldwide, it soon found its way onto thousands of patios and into more hearts than perhaps any furniture piece before




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Rattan Furniture Is Making A Come Back: Here’s 6 Reasons Why

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Growing in the depths of Southeast Asian forests is a naturally renewable palm that finds its way into sturdy furniture the world across. To understand why this unassuming woody plant has hit it big, you just have to look at how the locals use it. So strong, reliable, and reinforceable is the stem that you’ll find it being used as shelter in rattan-rich countries. 


The Ever-Stylish Round Table

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When our ancestors invented the wheel, they probably never envisioned we’d use its likeness as a table. In fact, they probably weren’t familiar with the concept of a table. But still, they ate together, often around a fire – in a circle.


So, why have we strayed so far from this intuitive eating arrangement? Why do we subject ourselves to eat with edges between us when we could opt for the much more diplomatic, rounder approach?