Grey Frosted Hide Round Leather Coffee Table Ottoman

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This round ottoman is elegantly adorned with a grey frosted hide, presenting a pattern of various grey hues that offer a rich visual appeal, both refined and welcoming. The hide is meticulously pieced together, ensuring that each ottoman possesses a distinctive character.

The ottoman is constructed from premium top grain leather, ensuring both a luxurious touch and lasting resilience, perfect for bustling spaces or a cozy nook. The preservation of the leather's natural texture provides a sensory delight and promises a beautiful patina over time, with a gentle, frosted texture that begs to be touched.

A polished antique brass finish wraps the base, lending a vintage allure. This base casts a subtle glow, amplifying the soft grey of the hide and making the ottoman a striking focal point in any setting.

Delivered fully assembled for your convenience, this ottoman offers multifunctional use—it can anchor your living room as a central coffee table, provide a soft place to rest your feet, or offer additional seating. Its circular design promotes an easy flow within the space, and its understated color scheme integrates effortlessly with diverse decor styles.

Measures: 36 × 36 × 18 in

**Hide colors will vary as in photos - See below**
*Square coffee table ottoman & square footstool also available - See below*

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