Modern-day Vintage Sconces For Classic Décor

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Why do we tend to take indoor lighting for granted? This illuminating décor item is functional, welcoming, and diverse. So, if you’re reading this at night – an appreciative nod towards whatever’s keeping your room lit should do!  


Once upon a time, indoor lighting was the realm of candle lighting, torches, and other such fire-based features. And before long, as is our habit, humans made these light sources aesthetically pleasing.  


How? By inventing … 

Modern Style Décor to Consider for Your Home

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Modern Style Décor to Consider for Your Home

Modern décor refers to a style that was more common in the 1950s and 1960s, which employed a sense of simplicity as opposed to contemporary design which more of now and future-focused. Modern style/ décor is often described as sleek and having pieces that flow together instead of having pieces that are clashing with each other. Modern style or décor is often associated with having a few pieces that fit and those that the homeowner would use on a day to day bases instead of having things that take up a lot of space and are rarely used, so they end up collecting dust



Modern Mood

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Give you home that Modern Mood with hints of black, red, white and yellow. From vases to tables to sofas and lighting, Enhancing Your Habitat has just the piece to reflect your modern tastes. Check out our statement pieces like our Black Herringbone Curved Apartment Sofa, Mondrian on Maple Wall Art, Spot Light Black Metal Table Lamp and All My Heart Red Pink Felted Wool Throw Pillow. Whether you're looking to makeover an entire room, or just spruce up your bedroom, dining or living room - we have unique and bright pieces for your unique home! 

Make an Entrance

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Make a statement with a unique and impecably decored entranceway in your home. Our Three Drawer Console Table Desk, Tall Antique Brass Smoked Glass Table Lamps and Black Leather Diamond Stitch Dining Chair are elegant statement pieces that instantly invite and intrigue your guests. Finish it off with some accessories like the Distressed White Buddha Head Large, Globe Bookends and Gold Texture Ceramic Tube Vases for a cohesive look. Whether you take inspiration from our entranceway, or become inspired to craft your own, Enhancing Your Habitat has everything you need from dressers, to lamps to vases and ottomans!

It’s October! Time to Get Cozy With The Latest Fall Furniture Trends

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October is a time of renewal, reflection, and celebration. By now, the leaves have achieved their autumnal hues and have fallen to the ground. We notice them crunching under our feet as the cold sets in around us, and we retreat to the comforting warmth of our homes.


Freshen Up For Spring!

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Make your home light and airy for spring! March is nearly upon us, and it's time to swap out the old and bring in the new. Check out our sleek and unique pieces, including our Cream Velvet Tufted Gold Frame ChairMetallic Gold Square Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table and Fluffy White Sheepskin Director Chair. From chairs like our Charcoal Dusk Tan Striped Occasional Lounge Chair, to ottomans, to White Gold Ribbed Vases Ceramic vases to wall art, Enhancing Your Habitat has a variety of decor to add spring-time flair to everyroom of your home.