Your Guide to Ottoman Coffee Tables

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Ah, ottomans. They’re cute, functional, and make your space feel cozy and complete. No, we’re not talking about the civilization – who has time for history when furniture royalty is afoot? We do, apparently …  

From the Ottoman Empire to Your Living Room 


As the name would suggest, the not-so-humble coffee table has stood the test of time. First appearing in the Ottoman Empire, the prototype was designed to be piled with cushions and once stretched from one side of the room to another. In the 18th century, it even stretched as far as Europe, laying claim to the French heart most of all and becoming a must-have in every boudoir.  


Tired of stretching, over time, the Coffee Table Ottoman shrunk to the smaller version we know and love today. 


How do you Use a Coffee Table Ottoman? 


Between shrinking home sizes and the current focus on practical home decor, this multitasking piece of furniture has a lot to offer. 


Listen, we know it’s technically a coffee table, but life is short, and the list of possible Ottoman uses is long:  





Footrest (highly recommended.) 


How to Pick the Right Ottoman Coffee Table? 


One quick online search, and you’ll be presented with a list of Ottoman coffee buying tips as long as your arm. We’re not interested in the noise. Instead, we’re going to get to the nitty-gritty of it lest you fall asleep while reading: 


Find a shape that works for you: 


Round – Informal. 

Rectangular – Long rooms. 

Square works – Square rooms or as a centerpiece to a seating area. 


A Very Calculated Twist: Your Ottoman Coffee Table isn’t meant to fit right in. It’s designed to stand alone – literally and figuratively. Think of it as an enhancing piece rather than a matching piece. So, let your imagination run (a bit) wild when it comes to texture, color, pattern, or detailing.  


Tip: we suggest you pick two variables to go ham with to avoid anything too jarring to your perfectly-curated interior décor.  


Always go slightly larger than you need: Weirdly, the oh-so-slightly oversized method works – just think of any Ottoman coffee tables you’ve seen in those glossy home décor magazines. They’re always a bit on the plumper side (no offense to them, of course.) 


A rule of thumb: Ottomans are generally an inch shorter than the seat height of your couch – very precise – we know. 


Our Pick of Ottoman Coffee Table 


We’ll admit it. At Enhancing Your Habitat, we can’t get enough of Ottoman coffee tables.  


From our varied collection of Ottoman Coffee Tables, it wasn’t easy to choose one from the others, but we’ve picked our contemporary-chic Round Ottoman Coffee Table to honor in this article.  


With a ‘four section’ look that evokes a satisfying geometric flair and an almost plush aura – it’s the most ‘en vogue’ among the bunch. Of course, we could also talk for days about how the alternating greys create a unique frosted illusion that’s set on firm top-grain leather hide. But that beauty is only skin deep. Looking deeper within, we find an antique brass metal base that anchors the futuristic style in utter elegance. 


Roll it into the middle of your living room and gather around for cocktails, tea, champagne – this is a coffee table that lends itself to a leisurely lifestyle full of friends, family and laughter. Take a seat on its side or rest your feet on its inviting edge after a long day – this Ottoman coffee table is here for you! 


How to Style your Ottoman Coffee Table 


Add a Tray: Is it really a coffee table until you’ve added a tray? Yes, but add a tray anyway. It’s stylish, functional, versatile, and right-on-trend; you have nothing to lose. First, make sure your tray’s shape matches the shape of your Ottoman. Then, add the decorations your heart desires – books, flowers, blankets – just to name a few ideas. 


And there you have it! 


Ottoman Coffee Tables are a delight. There’s a Coffee Table Ottoman style for every home, establishment, person, style, preference. In short, they’re the everywhere and everyone’s coffee table. Furniture for the ages, we’d say. So, what are you waiting for? There’s an Ottoman Coffee Table out there waiting patiently for you to make the first move!


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