Modern-day Vintage Sconces For Classic Décor

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Why do we tend to take indoor lighting for granted? This illuminating décor item is functional, welcoming, and diverse. So, if you’re reading this at night – an appreciative nod towards whatever’s keeping your room lit should do!  


Once upon a time, indoor lighting was the realm of candle lighting, torches, and other such fire-based features. And before long, as is our habit, humans made these light sources aesthetically pleasing.  


How? By inventing … 

Wall sconces  


Wall sconces are space-saving light fixtures that grace our walls much like art rather than cluttering our ceilings or taking up table/floor space. In other words, you’ll never stub your toe or against a sconce or smash it in the process of swinging your coat on. No, it sits cozily and safely, tucked away from harm’s way vertically placed. 


Sconces, once again bucking the trend, shine their light upwards rather than downwards. Reminiscent of a water fountain, their stream of light is indirect and falls gently at a more natural pace, ensuring coverage in every corner.  


It’s likely a combination of the aesthetic appeal and safety factor that led the sconce to be the intuitive choice as possibly the first light fixture in history.  


Torches and candles lined the walls of castles, homes, taverns, shops, and anywhere else where people frequented after hours. Sconces of antiquity came in all shapes, sizes, and styles, reaching towards the extravagant Baroque, all the way to the more understated, simplistic middle age minimalism.  


Candles and torches become light bulbs 


As time trundled on, candles and torches gave way to light bulbs and LEDs. While sconces are now by no means as widespread as they once were, they still occupy a significant space in the lighting world.  


We’re doing things a little differently …  


Here at Enhancing Your Habitat, we’re claiming back the past. We’re recalling the historical, subtle beauty of these traditionally significant pieces and making them suitable for modern-day use. 


Take a look at our one-of-a-kind wall wonders! 



Industrial meets classic in this elegantly elongated wall sconce with gothic nuance. Functioning as a modern-day wall-oriented candleholder, you’re guaranteed this piece will draw some attention and ensure your décor is never “cookie cutter.” 


An ornate curve airily sustains the candle platter with a thin yet striking iron backing that sets the historical yet modern scene. We believe these exquisite candle holders provide a gentle sort of ‘accent light,’ drawing attention to any pieces you wish to show off or shed light on. However, their more subtle design makes them perfect as ‘ergonomic’ lights that flank reading chairs or beds.  



Typical for gothic-inspired pieces, this washed oak wall candleholder brings churches, towers, castles, and Romanesque mansions to mind. However, there’s a particular touch of natural rustic, romance, and warmth to this vintage candleholder. Its wooden arms slope classily, while the small chain decoration adds a more striking touch.  



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