Your Guide to Rectangle Coffee Tables

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Your Guide to Rectangle Coffee Tables 


Coffee tables are the modern-day hearth of the home. They form the centerpiece of our living rooms, offer support to our many possessions, guide our décor, and provide a surface for us to perch our coffee cups or set our feet upon after a long day. In their honor, we’ve carved them into multiple styles spanning many varied textures, shapes, and sizes, among which you’ll find the names Storage Coffee Table, Round Coffee Table, Marble Coffee Table, Mid Century Coffee Table, and so forth. 


However, there’s one coffee table style that takes centerstage among these centerpieces: The Rectangle Coffee Table. 

What Makes the Rectangle Coffee Table Special? 


Firstly, we just seem to prefer it over the other styles in general. They’re by far the most popular choice of the living room décor item worldwide. Perhaps it’s their geometrical appeal and sharp, sleek edges that follow the typical rectangular shape of a room. Going a step further, if you were to picture the items we tend to place on a coffee table, what do you see? Magazines, remote controls, and books? All rectangular variations. 


Maybe it’s that they welcome creative styling due to their “easy to proportion” dimensions. Some people argue the coffee table is bonded to the dining table as a décor piece we gather around, meaning it only makes sense it’d be rectangular in shape. 


At Enhancing Your Habitat, we personally believe it’s all of the above alongside the simple beauty of the rectangle coffee table. 

Choosing the Right Rectangle Coffee Table for your Home 


There are only two rules to follow when purchasing a rectangle coffee table.  


Rule 1: Its length should be half that of your sofa. 


Rule 2: In terms of height, it should stand no lower than 1-3 inches from the seat of your couch. 



There’s an imposing minimalistic appeal to this rustic yet polished coffee table. Composed from Mango wood, it enjoys the strong and durable yet enduringly lustrous edge this much-loved hardwood brings. Well-known for its dense grain composition, this wood is essentially stain and wear-proof. The coffee table features a pleasingly smooth surface leading into open-ended sides where the rustic cut wood detailing is on full display.  


While this white-washed rectangle coffee table is a welcome addition to any home or décor, we can’t deny it looks like it was made for nautical, rustic, western, or Santa Fe-chic homes.  


Pair with a large wooden tray that comes almost to the sides for a unique yet impressively stylish look that can always be enhanced further. For example, even placing a single plant on this tray can soften the imposing appeal of this rectangular coffee table.



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