Blush Pink Furniture & Why it’s Undeniably On-trend

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Not quite as vibrant as bubble gum pink, but not to be outdone by oyster, pink blush combines the best of both worlds for soft warmth that positively glows. Evoking depths of texture that pastels could never quite reach, pink blush gives an authentic feel that coaxes out the heart in any room. Its gold-like softness and rosy hues have, in the last year, become a mainstay in wedding planning, Instagram-ready photo shoots, and fashion lines.

Blush pink is here to stay


Now, it’s taking over our homes. And to tell the truth, we couldn’t be more pleased. Whether you opt for a complete blush theme or just a few unique pieces, this elegant color is precisely what’s needed. Bursting with charm, confidence, and fun, has there ever been a more lovely shade? Its lightly feminine aura is the perfect answer to the seemingly intractable issue of contemporary décor’s ‘hardness.’ 


Blush pink softens; it delights. With its light effect gently soothes sharp edges, warms cold sheens, and ties a room together with undeniable grace.


Tempted? Satisfy your blush pink desires with the following one-of-a-kind beauties.


Blush Pink Must-haves


Blush Pink Velvet Tufted Ottoman


Ottoman’s offer seating, storage, and chic all in one piece. You can sit back and put your feet up in style, or you can make it the centerpiece of the room of your choice. Nowadays, the popular option is to place a silver tray atop one of these beauties as a fashion-forward makeshift coffee table. 


Our beloved blush pink Ottoman is pink velvet heaven. As a tufted piece with large buttons, there’s an air of cheerfully modern and approachability with a soft, haute couture finish. But it’s not all about looks; a dense filling makes this must-have a reliable piece that’ll go the distance.


Curvaceous Pink Blush Velvet


Glam is back and better than ever. And we have just the blush pink furniture piece that rises to the occasion! This curvaceous couch embodies Hollywood’s golden era. It’s a pinch of sophistication there and a hint of elegance here. Turn up its chic savviness with some fun-sized silk pillows, or add fuzzy throws to the armrests for a more warm, textured effect. 


Either way, its sumptuous sloping silhouette combined with ornate gold legs are only outshined by its lavish blush pink upholstery – indeed something to be cherished.


Blush Pink Button Tufted Bar Stool


Classically cool and unbothered, this vintage yet oh so deliciously modern blush pink bar stool is a welcome contradiction. Its sweeping silhouette and pink velvet upholstery speak of softness and charm. Ideal for a pub/restaurant, kitchen counter, or even an in-house private bar, this bar stool can do it all. 


 Within its lavish upholstery, you’ll be delighted to find dense foam padding that offers welcoming comfort with a firm feel.


All the while, holding you aloft is a gorgeous contemporary chrome gold tubular stainless steel frame that’s impossibly slick. And last but not least, its interior button tufting is the delicately glam icing on the blush pink velvet cake.





Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we could all do with a little more romance in our lives. Blush pink furniture gives us exactly that! With the same subtle decadence of roses, blush pink can transform any room into a neat, candy-floss soft boudoir with an added ultra-chic twist – what are you waiting for!? Your blush pink décor dream awaits you!


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