Farmhouse Décor: Fashionable Farmhouse Furniture Pieces to Make Your House a Home

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Farmhouse furniture is everything we want our homes to be. It’s warm, approachable, sweet (but not too sweet.) In other words, it’s homey.  


What’s more, is that it’s been around forever. So while the Farmhouse trend we’re familiar with today kicked off around 2015 thanks to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper – it’s really nothing new.  


The truth is, farmhouses rarely change. Sure, they have TVs, Alexa, and Roombas now, but the backdrop is still the same. So, the brick wall accents, oak kitchen cabinets, and farm animal artwork are nothing new.  

So what has changed? 


What is new is the nostalgic home aesthetic. We see white living rooms, barn doors hung from black hinges, and wicker baskets full of fuzzy throw blankets. And by see, I mean we’re bombarded by it on Instagram and other social media sites. 


We are besotted by this charming and rustic décor with a modern twist. Pleasingly, our outdated notions of the cluttered country cottage style were blown clean out of the water when excellently harmonized by the more monochrome and minimalistic leanings of contemporary style.  


And what we’re left with is a unique blend of comfort and simplicity, capturing the warmth of a traditional farmhouse.  


And the best part? It cycles through décor eras effortlessly thanks to its open-for-interpretation default with vintage and contemporary elements – perfection! 


Must-have Farmhouse Décor Furniture Pieces 



As mentioned earlier, what’s a farmhouse without farm animals? Here you have the most elegant of the bunch with its striking pose and dark hues. Add a dash of power, depth, and mystery to your cozy farmhouse aesthetic with this beautiful ultra-high-definition photographic image of a black stallion. 



Drink tables are making a storming comeback. They’re classy, simple, and suggest you know how to have a good time. And since you do, why not add a country twist to your tipple table and have it evoke a surge of fun and joy in your farmhouse décor? This trolley cart blends modernity and industrial flawlessly. 


 It’s forged from iron and stands tall with a zinc silver finish frame. And its unique X side panels are reminiscent of cowboy décor.  


 Better still is the mango wood top and bottom shelf with a stark, no-nonsense blocky air that’s a telltale sign of rustic farmhouse realism. And, while technically a bar cart, this one-of-a-kind item can lend itself to storage, decoration, and anything you see fit! 




It’s hard to come by a sideboard that runs wall to wall – here it is. Charming in both size and structure, this sideboard cabinet does the impossible. Using simple lines and a light whitewash to evoke an air of subtly, its size never touches on imposing or absorbing. On the contrary, it embodies country inspiration with a modern or urban edge while making the most of the neutrals and solid wood appeal that epitomizes farmhouse décor. 




Farmhouse furniture is always on your side. It’s human, down-to-earth, and yet incredibly en vogue. So start your country couture journey today or top up your farmhouse fantasy home with these classic must-have pieces. 

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