Antique Wicker Chairs: Their History & How They Became The IT Décor Piece of 2021

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Wicker is back and better than ever. Finding its way into numerous interior design magazines worldwide, it soon found its way onto thousands of patios and into more hearts than perhaps any furniture piece before




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The story of wicker 


Though not instantly perceptible, wicker has had an immeasurable influence on not only design but civilization itself. The first evidence of wicker dates back to ancient Egypt, where its practical and ornamental use parallels the wicker we know and love today. 


So popular was wicker that it burst into ancient Rome and Persia, where the weaving technique was widely applied to high-end pieces that only the wealthy could lay claim to.


Surviving into the iron age, it’s believed that the Celts cultivated their emblematic tribal designs using wicker as a guide. 


And finally, we come to the modern age. Wicker may have weaved its way through history and right into Ikea catalogs, but it’s never been more center stage. 


Wicker is the technique, not the material 


Climbing vine-like plants are bent or woven into various shapes using the wicker technique. The material used is soft, malleable, and lightweight. However, the tight, precise, and repetitive weaving reinforces the pliable material to make for a robust yet portable piece – often becoming a family heirloom.


This Antiqued Handwoven Cane Wicker Accent Chair is perhaps one of the best examples of the versatility of wicker furniture. Let’s delve into how such a singular piece could be integrated into the home.


How an antique wicker chair can look right at home in your home 




While not limited to the outdoors, the stately chair can add warmth and depth to any patio or deck. Moreover, the sturdy chair is entirely weather-resistant, meaning that it can stand the test of rain, wind or, storm.


However, upon welcoming this chair inside your abode, you’ll realize that it’s the ‘popular piece’ effortlessly assimilating to any décor. 


From coastal to boho and all the way to traditional decor, the wicker accent chair can enhance them all. 


Living rooms 


The casual, inviting appearance of the handwoven wicker chair is ideal for any living space in which comfort is key. To add your own touch and amplify coziness, adorn the chair with your own choice of pillows or cushions. In addition, a plush rug underfoot can tie the room together, creating a cozy corner where serenity is the order of the day.




Shabby-chic is back in style, and it just so happens to be taking over bedrooms. Interestingly, wicker chairs are often a staple piece in these laid-back, boho bedroom decors. However, they never stand alone. Pair the wicker chair with plants, floral prints, or botanical patterns, and you’ll recreate the appeal of nature inside. 




Nothing says ‘welcome’ quite like a chair that grandma might have sat and sewed on happily. There’s an airy and light feel contrasted with the more settled presence of the timeless cane. The Birch hardwood frame and legs suggest something of stability mixed with Summer. Combined with the soft cotton upholstery, there’s little more relaxing.


And finally …


You could welcome this piece of a lifetime into your home for only $1897.00. An antique cane wicker chair can not only become an integral part of your home, but also your family. The personality of wicker pieces is unparalleled, meet yours today.


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